OSGeo Events, FOSS4G 2008

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Integrating GIS into FOSS Disaster Management System

David William Bitner, Fran Boon, Mifan Careem, Gavin Treadgold

Building: Cape Town International Convention Centre
Room: Golden Gate Room (Room 2.4a)
Date: 2008-09-30 08:30 AM – 10:00 AM
Last modified: 2008-09-08


Sahana is a Free and Open Source Disaster Management system that began as a response to the 2005 Tsunami in Sri Lanka and has since been deployed in many disasters around the world. It is a web based collaboration tool that addresses the common coordination problems during a disaster from finding missing people, managing aid, managing volunteers, tracking camps effectively between Government groups, the civil society (NGOs) and the victims themselves. Members of the Sahana Open Source Disaster Management System will present the infrastructure for incorporating GIS into a FOSS Disaster Management System. This presentation will talk about software and standards that enable the integration of GIS as a component of a much larger system. This talk will emphasize the existing FOSS software and the standards that are leveraged in order to reduce the effort in expanding Sahana to utilize spatial data effectively. This will focus on work done by members of the Sahana GIS team and Google Summer of Code Students over the last two years.