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Using PostGIS, Geoserver and Google Earth to visualise sensor measurements

Jan Jezek

Last modified: 2008-07-24


One of very actual topic of today's GIS is to combine static maps with sensors measurements in real-time. This problem become even more interesting when we consider moving sensor that provides its position through GPS. Even though that there has been a lot of effort given to this topic especially on specification level (OGC SWE - Sensor Web Enablment activity) the integration into the widely used GIS software is not yet done at all.

The aim of this paper is to describe the example how to visualize moving sensors and measurements data in Google Earth using PostGIS and Geoserver time templates. The results of particular real project focused on general mobile sensor unit will be demonstrated. Basics of hardware solution and detailed software description will be given. The relation to OGC SWE specification will be mentioned as well.

This poster demonstrates the way how to combine power of several Open Source projects into impressive visualization of real-time measurements in popular viewer - GoogleEarth.