OSGeo Events, FOSS4G 2008

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Collaborative Mapmaking with GeoDjango

Josh Livni, Christopher Schmidt

Building: Cape Town International Convention Centre
Room: Hluhluwe Room (Auditorium 1)
Date: 2008-09-29 08:30 AM – 12:00 PM
Last modified: 2008-09-21


GeoDjango has been called a web framework for (Neo) Geographers with Deadlines. Students will use a preconfigured GeoDjango application to get introduced to core Django functionality. After a short example of digitizing and sharing features, we will dive into building the demo system from scratch. After the workshop, students should be able to return home with the tools and knowledge required to build practical geospatial web applications.

* Workshop being presented by Josh Livni and Christopher Schmidt
* Minimum Laptop Requirements for running supplied the vmware image:
- DVD Reader (CD reader not sufficient)
- 1GB total RAM
- 8GB of free disk space
- If on windows, disk must be formatted NTFS
- Installed copy of VMWare Player v2.05 (windows/linux) or Fusion (for mac)
* If you do not meet the requirements, please email the presenters with details so they have a count of attendees who will need additional assistance.