OSGeo Events, FOSS4G 2008

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Stefan Constantinescu

Last modified: 2008-07-24


In Romania, the spatial data infrastructure is in development. Unfortunately, many obstacles are in present: there is no national standard for geodata, no rules regarding the use of data, and no understanding of spatial information, in a general context. Different institution work in the coastal area, but the collaboration is just on the paper. Many times, researchers digitized the same maps, or make measurement at the same locations, without knowing the others activities. From these reasons, an open source project for distribution of geodata is necessary. Geo-spatial.org is a Romanian geoportal which promote the share of geoKnoledge and geoData based on the OGC standards. For the first time in Romania geospatial data can be accessed by everyone and in this context, our products can be useful for many scientist who work on the littoral zone. Using a Geoserver solution we create a public stage for sharing geodata. The information can be edit or publish in various data format, like WMS or WFS. For displaying the data we chose OpenLayers, like the most reliable solution. Metadata was created using Geonetwork.

All this aspects represents a background structure for different kind of spatial analyze, from a geomorphological point of view to a hydrological or ecological one. The next step is to distribute bathymetrical surveys from historical maps in the form of Digital Elevation Models.