OSGeo Events, FOSS4G 2008

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Practical introduction to Spatial Data Integrator powered by Talend

Francois Prunayre

Building: Cape Town International Convention Centre
Room: Madikwe Room (Roof Terrace)
Date: 2008-09-30 08:30 AM – 10:00 AM
Last modified: 2008-08-27


Spatial Data Integrator (SDI) is an ETL tool with geospatial capabilities. Based on Talend Open Studio (TOS), Talend's generic Extract/Transform/Load (ETL) solution, it includes specific geospatial components.

Likewise regular TOS components, there are basically three sorts of Geo components: input, output and transform components. Input and output components read and write common GIS formats (Mif/Mid, Shapefile, PostGIS, GeoRSS, ...). Transform components read features from their input flows, possibly transform those features, and write features to their output flows. The term "transform" is to be taken loosely here as it represents any sort of operation (eg. buffer, centroid, area, simplify, convexhull operations).
SDI is based on JTS and GeoTools Java library and also have capabilities to interact with geonames.org webservices and GeoNetwork opensource metadata catalogue.

This workshop teaches the basics of using SDI for beginners. Attendees will learn how to:

* install SDI;
* create new process using the job designer;
* use metadata to build easily new jobs;
* use most useful components (how to map, sort and filter data?);
* discover geospatial components;

The workshop starts with a history of Talend Open Studio and Spatial Data Integrator, and then moves quickly to hands-on exercises in setting up and using SDI. Attendees receive a full workbook, sample data, and software CDROM, so they can review the material later at their own pace.

Website : http://spatialdataintegrator.org
Presentation : http://www.foss4g2007.org/presentations/view.php?abstract_id=227