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OpenLayers - Building Web Mapping Applications with a Solid Foundation

Tim Schaub

Building: Cape Town International Convention Centre
Room: Madikwe Room (Roof Terrace)
Date: 2008-10-03 08:30 AM – 12:00 PM
Last modified: 2008-08-27


OpenLayers is a rapidly developing toolkit for building mapping applications in a browser. The library lets developers integrate data from a variety of sources, provides a friendly API, and results in engaging and responsive mapping applications.

This workshop will be divided into five modules - offering a good introduction to newcomers while still providing advanced material to more experienced developers.

Workshop Modules:
1. Openlayers Basics - Create a "slippy map" from scratch, coding with accessible JavaScript syntax.
2. Layers - Explore the various layer types available in the library. We'll cover WMS, WFS, KML, commercial layers (Google, Yahoo, Virtual Earth) and more.
3. Controls - Your map comes to life with OpenLayers controls. Learn how to use controls available in the library and gain an understanding of how to develop your own controls.
4. Vector Data - Investigate various formats, protocols, and strategies for dealing with vector data. This module will focus on data creation, styling, and persistence.
5. Integration - OpenLayers provides the mapping foundation for your web application. Learn how OpenLayers can be used in conjunction with a UI framework like ExtJS.

The workshop will give participants access to core OpenLayers developers from The Open Planning Project, MetaCarta, Camptocamp, and DM Solutions.

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