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Dapple Global Data Explorer Abstract PRESENTATION
Jacques Beaurain
Integrating GIS into FOSS Disaster Management System Abstract PRESENTATION
David William Bitner, Fran Boon, Mifan Careem, Gavin Treadgold
SUAS MapServer - an Open Source Framework for extended Web Map Services Abstract
Franz-Josef Behr, Hui Li - a free, participatory, community oriented worldwide geocoding service Abstract
Franz-Josef Behr, Astrit Rimayanti
Improving open source GIS-SDI integration: the web service publishing extension for gvSIG Abstract PRESENTATION
Jose Vicente Higón, Salvador Bayarri
Google Earth Powered by MapGuide Open Source Abstract PRESENTATIOn
Robert Bray
Web Enabled Inter-operable Spatial Data System for Water Resources Applications in India using Open Source Geoserver Abstract
Vinod M Bothale
Migrating from a commercial internet map server to a Free and Open Source solution Abstract
Alexander Marthyn Borghuis
The use of FOSS in urban modelling and simulation Abstract PRESENTATION
Alize Botha, Dr. Louis Waldeck
Knowledge Management and Humanitarian Response to Complex Humanitarian Emergencies Abstract PRESENTATION
Paul Bartel

Academic Papers

Spatial Analysis and Visualization of Genetic Biodiversity Abstract PRESENTATION PAPER
Robert G Beiko, Jacqueline Whalley, Suwen Wang, Harman Clair, Greg Smolyn, Sylvia Churcher, Mike Porter, Christian Blouin, Stephen Brooks
How Open Source GIS and related tools can help in African project and projects can help to develop new tools: the case of Rwanda and the new GRASS-Epanet interface. Abstract PAPER PRESENTATION
Marco Ciolli, Paolo Bertola, Maurizio Righetti, Chiara Sboarina, Clara Tattoni, Alfonso Vitti, Paolo Zatelli
NAMGIS - A Context-Aware Mobile Web GIS Abstract PAPER PRESENTATION
Maria Antonia Brovelli, Diego Magni, Maurizio Brioschi, Massimo Legnani, Francesco Corcoglioniti
Integration of GRASS functionality in web based SDI service chains Abstract PRESENTATION PAPER
Johannes Brauner, Bastian Schaeffer
A comparison of data file and storage configurations for efficient temporal access of satellite image data Abstract PAPER PRESENTATION
Asheer Kasar Bachoo, Frans van den Bergh, Albert Gazendam
Multi-environment general purpose applications built with Terralib Abstract PAPER
Frederico Augusto Bede, Rui Mauricio Gregório, Leone Masiero, Marcelo Metello, Eric Silva Abreu, Mario Rocco Petinati
The Andean Information System for Disaster Prevention and Relief: a case study of multi-national open-source SDI Abstract PRESENTATION PAPER
Martín Molina, Salvador Bayarri
Dracones: A Web-Mapping and Analysis Application for Public Health Surveillance Abstract
Christian Jauvin, David Buckeridge
Challenges and factors influencing the adoption rate of OSS in the SA government Abstract PAPER PRESENTATION
Jabu Mtsweni, Elmarie Biermann
urbSAT: from spatial SQL to urban indicator definition and production Abstract PAPER
Erwan Bocher, Thomas Leduc, Fernando González Cortés, Guillaume Moreau
Semantically Enabled SOS with Topic Maps Abstract PAPER PRESENTATION
Robert Barta, Thomas Bleier
Efficient Constrained Delaunay Triangulation implementation in Java for spatial hydrology analysis Abstract PAPER PRESENTATION
Thomas Leduc, Erwan Bocher, Fernando González Cortés
Multipurpose metadata management in gvSIG Abstract PAPER PRESENTATION
Laura Díaz, Michael Gould, Arturo Beltrán, Alejandro Llaves, Carlos Granell
SahanaGIS: a Rapid Deployment GIS Framework for Disaster Management Humanitarian Relief Operations Abstract
David Bitner, Fran Boon, Mifan Careem, Gavin Treadgold
Providing access to terabytes of Earth Observation data in an international organization - infrastructure and services Abstract PAPER PRESENTATION
Paul Hasenohr, Armin Burger
Student recruitment for transformation at the University of Cape Town: a spatial analysis of the Alternative Admissions Research Project, 2000 - 2005 Abstract PAPER PRESENTATION
Takadzani Edzani Rambuda, Shirley Butcher, Alan Cliff


Introduction to gvSIG/SEXTANTE as desktop GIS with advanced spatial analysis and SDI publishing tools Abstract Notes 1 Notes 2
Salvador Bayarri, Victor Olaya, José Vicente Higón, Laura Díaz
Practical Introduction to MapGuide Open Source Abstract Presentation
Robert Bray


Using MapServer to Deliver Geospatial Data to Various Business Lines in the Portland District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Abstract
Gregg Bertrand

Lab Sessions

A Practical Introduction to BirdEye: a GeoVisualization ToolKit Abstract
Jason Bellone
Supporting sustainable development: the GRASS opportunity. Abstract
Massimiliano Cannata, Maria Antonia Brovelli
Creating MapGuide Maps with Style Abstract
Robert Bray
Practical Introduction to OrbisGIS Abstract
Erwan Bocher, Thomas Leduc, Fernando González Cortés

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