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Analysis of Temporal Remote Sensing Data with Opticks Abstract
Trevor R Clarke the Italian OSGeo Chapter Abstract
Paolo Cavallini
Opticks: Transitioning a Proprietary Remote Sensing Analysys Tool into Open Source Abstract
Trevor R Clarke
A year of full-speed FOSS- winning the hearts, minds, and business case Abstract PRESENTATION
Jo Cook, Gary Jones
Integrating GIS into FOSS Disaster Management System Abstract PRESENTATION
David William Bitner, Fran Boon, Mifan Careem, Gavin Treadgold
Tapping into OpenSource Abstract PRESENTATION
Laurette Eileen Coetzee
GIS in the Geography Curriculum: Teacher Training Abstract PRESENTATION
Elsworth McPherson, Mandy Carolissen, Deon Scheepers
Caribbean PestWatch: An agricultural pest monitoring system for the Caribbean utilizing open source software Abstract
Stephen Crawford
TerraLib as an Open Source Plataform for Public Health Applications Abstract PRESENTATION
Karine Reis Ferreira, Lúbia Vinhas, Antônio Miguel Vieira Monteiro, Gilberto Ribeiro Queiroz, Emiliano Ferreira Castejon, Juan Carlos Pinto de Garrido, Lauro Tsutomu Hara, Pedro Ribeiro de Andrade Neto, Paulo Justiniano Ribeiro Junior, Renato Martins Assunção
Development of a malaria decision support system based on open source technologies Abstract PRESENTATION
Natashia Morris, Sarel Coetzer
gvSIG Status Report. Towards an open organization Abstract PRESENTATION
Miguel Montesinos, Gabriel Carrión
GIS in the school curriculum - perceptions and challenges facing educators in the Western Cape, South Africa Abstract PRESENTATION
Deon Scheepers, Mandy Carolissen
The definition of Open in OGC, OSGeo and OSM Abstract PRESENTATION
Arnulf Benno Christl
FOSS Business Models in the Spatial Realm Abstract PRESENTATION
Arnulf Benno Christl

Academic Papers

Can the South African address standard (SANS 1883) work for small local municipalities? Abstract PAPER PRESENTATION
Serena Coetzee, Antony K Cooper
The South African address standard and initiatives towards an international address standard Abstract PRESENTATION PAPER
Antony Cooper, Serena Coetzee
Spatial Analysis and Visualization of Genetic Biodiversity Abstract PRESENTATION PAPER
Robert G Beiko, Jacqueline Whalley, Suwen Wang, Harman Clair, Greg Smolyn, Sylvia Churcher, Mike Porter, Christian Blouin, Stephen Brooks
How Open Source GIS and related tools can help in African project and projects can help to develop new tools: the case of Rwanda and the new GRASS-Epanet interface. Abstract PAPER PRESENTATION
Marco Ciolli, Paolo Bertola, Maurizio Righetti, Chiara Sboarina, Clara Tattoni, Alfonso Vitti, Paolo Zatelli
World Wide Access to Amazon Forest Inventories Abstract PAPER PRESENTATION
Felipe dos Santos Costa, Sylvain J. M. Desmoulière, Oscar L. M. Farias
NAMGIS - A Context-Aware Mobile Web GIS Abstract PAPER PRESENTATION
Maria Antonia Brovelli, Diego Magni, Maurizio Brioschi, Massimo Legnani, Francesco Corcoglioniti
Corporative Applications built with TeCOM, a TerraLib Microsoft Visual component Abstract PRESENTATION PAPER
Rui Mauricio Gregorio, Kelly Aparecida Barbosa Kinoshita, Wellington Carneiro, Hiltom Medeiros, Alessandra Siqueira, Ubirajara Freitas
Natural Hazards and Risk Assessment: the FOSS4G capabilities Abstract PRESENTATION PAPER
Massimiliano Cannata, Monia Elisa Molinari
GEM-PP: a GIS EMissions Pre-Processor to ingest European emission inventory (EMEP/CORINAIR) into photochemical transport models Abstract PAPER PRESENTATION
Dario Conte, Gian Paolo Marra, Cristina Mangia, Umberto Rizza, Ilenia Schipa, Annalisa Tanzarella
A data model for efficient address data representation - Lessons learnt from the Intiendo address matching tool Abstract PAPER PRESENTATION
Abdullah Al Rahed, Serena Coetzee, Magnus Rademeyer
Optimal exploration target zones Abstract PAPER PRESENTATION
Pravesh Debba, Emmanaul John M. Carranza, Alfred Stein, Freek D. van der Meer
Beyond FOSS 3D GIS technologies: a chance for developing countries Abstract PAPER PRESENTATION
José Luis Encarnação, Raffaele De Amicis, Giuseppe Conti, Joachim Rix
SahanaGIS: a Rapid Deployment GIS Framework for Disaster Management Humanitarian Relief Operations Abstract
David Bitner, Fran Boon, Mifan Careem, Gavin Treadgold
Assessment of Non-Point Source Pollution in Kuils-Eerste River Catchments using GIS Modelling Abstract
Abraham Thomas, Wisemen Chingombe, James Ayuk, Theo Scheepers
On-line Air Quality Monitoring and Warning Support System for Bucharest Urban Area Abstract PAPER PRESENTATION
Vasile Craciunescu, Mihaela Caian, Cristian Flueraru, Argentina Nertan
Student recruitment for transformation at the University of Cape Town: a spatial analysis of the Alternative Admissions Research Project, 2000 - 2005 Abstract PAPER PRESENTATION
Takadzani Edzani Rambuda, Shirley Butcher, Alan Cliff


Introduction to Geoportal Management using Mapbender Abstract Notes
Arnulf Benno Christl
Practical Introduction to GRASS and related software for beginners Abstract
Marco Ciolli, Paolo Zatelli, Clara Tattoni


Open source GIS for health data visualisation Abstract
Jan Jezek, Otakar Cerba, Otakar Cerba,
An open-source Integrated GIS Solution (IGS) for Syrian Municipal Administration Modernisation project Abstract
Fabio Colombo
Stefan Constantinescu
Use of Open Sources GIS tools to build the RISKMED early warning system web portal for severe weather events Abstract PDF
Gian Paolo Marra, Dario Conte, Mario Marcello Miglietta, Agata Moscatello

Lab Sessions

Supporting sustainable development: the GRASS opportunity. Abstract
Massimiliano Cannata, Maria Antonia Brovelli

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