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Integration of geo-spatial web services using Adobe Flex Abstract PRESENTATION
Bas Vanmeulebrouk, Marjolijn Kuyper
A geostatistical analysis of water losses in an urban utility using the R and Tinn-R open-source statistical computing environments Abstract PRESENTATION
Frank Kizito, Gaddi Ngirane-Katashaya, Roger Thunvik
Introducing GIS into the South African Educational Market Abstract PRESENTATION
Lizette Rust, Robyn Kindler

Academic Papers

Application of open source and proprietary software to optimise meadow bird management schemes in the Netherlands Abstract PAPER PRESENTATION
Bas Vanmeulebrouk, Dick Melman, Onno Roosenschoon, Alex Schotman, Henk Meeuwsen, Michel Kiers
Editing XML metadata files with the aid of an open-source editor MEE Abstract PAPER PRESENTATION
Tomasz Kubik, Bartosz Kopanczyk
Corporative Applications built with TeCOM, a TerraLib Microsoft Visual component Abstract PRESENTATION PAPER
Rui Mauricio Gregorio, Kelly Aparecida Barbosa Kinoshita, Wellington Carneiro, Hiltom Medeiros, Alessandra Siqueira, Ubirajara Freitas
Assessment of Location Sensitivity of Voronoi-based Sensor Deployment and Reconfiguration using GIS Abstract PRESENTATION PAPER
Gareth Michael Nicholls, Derrick Kourie, Tinus Strauss
Quality Management for 3D/4D Meteorologic Data with Paraview and GRASS GIS Abstract PAPER PRESENTATION
Peter Loewe, Jens Klump
Implementation of the Elements of the Polish National Spatial Data Infrastructure Based on Open Source Software Abstract PAPER PRESENTATION
Witold Paluszynski, Tomasz Kubik, Pawel Netzel
Using airborne laser scanner data and Open Source Software for a glacier inventory Abstract PAPER
Christoph Claus Knoll, Hanns Kerschner
MonetDB, a novel spatial DBMS Abstract PRESENTATION PAPER
Maarten Vermeij, Wilko Quak, Martin Kersten, Niels Nes


FOSS4G routing with pgRouting tools and OpenStreetMap road data Abstract
Claude Philipona, Daniel Kastl


GIS based Infrastructure management and Planning System Abstract
Muhammad Azeem Sadiq, Muhammad Umar Khattak

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