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Building an application framework based on OpenLayers and ExtJS Abstract PRESENTATION
Bart van den Eijnden, Thijs van Menen,
Modus Operandi of a FOSS GIS project in India Abstract PRESENTATION
Ravi Kumar Vundavalli, Sreenivas N Rao, Narendra S Prasad
Using FOSS and Proprietory GIS in Assessing Water Use by Alien Vegetation Abstract PRESENTATION
Brendon Woff-Piggott, Stephen Mallory, Stephen Hardy, Niel van Wyk
Integration of geo-spatial web services using Adobe Flex Abstract PRESENTATION
Bas Vanmeulebrouk, Marjolijn Kuyper
Location-based activity reporting of forest operations using components of open source GIS Abstract PDF ()
Jari Vauhkonen, Timo Tokola
TerraLib as an Open Source Plataform for Public Health Applications Abstract PRESENTATION
Karine Reis Ferreira, Lúbia Vinhas, Antônio Miguel Vieira Monteiro, Gilberto Ribeiro Queiroz, Emiliano Ferreira Castejon, Juan Carlos Pinto de Garrido, Lauro Tsutomu Hara, Pedro Ribeiro de Andrade Neto, Paulo Justiniano Ribeiro Junior, Renato Martins Assunção
A spatial DBMS buyer's guide Abstract PRESENTATION
Wilko Quak, Maarten Vermeij, Wim de Haas

Academic Papers

Application of open source and proprietary software to optimise meadow bird management schemes in the Netherlands Abstract PAPER PRESENTATION
Bas Vanmeulebrouk, Dick Melman, Onno Roosenschoon, Alex Schotman, Henk Meeuwsen, Michel Kiers
How Open Source GIS and related tools can help in African project and projects can help to develop new tools: the case of Rwanda and the new GRASS-Epanet interface. Abstract PAPER PRESENTATION
Marco Ciolli, Paolo Bertola, Maurizio Righetti, Chiara Sboarina, Clara Tattoni, Alfonso Vitti, Paolo Zatelli
A comparison of data file and storage configurations for efficient temporal access of satellite image data Abstract PAPER PRESENTATION
Asheer Kasar Bachoo, Frans van den Bergh, Albert Gazendam
Urban Spatial Growth and Land Use Change in Riyadh: Comparing Spectral Angle Mapping and Band Ratioing Techniques Abstract PAPER
Yusuf Adedoyin Aina, Johannes H. Van der Merwe, Habib M. Alshuwaikhat
Optimal exploration target zones Abstract PAPER PRESENTATION
Pravesh Debba, Emmanaul John M. Carranza, Alfred Stein, Freek D. van der Meer
MonetDB, a novel spatial DBMS Abstract PRESENTATION PAPER
Maarten Vermeij, Wilko Quak, Martin Kersten, Niels Nes


The identification of potential areas for mineral development using multi-criteria suitability analysis and ArcSDM free Spatial Data Modeller and Fuzzy Logic PDF
Amanda Vickers

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