OSGeo Events, FOSS4G 2008

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Setting up a geospatial catalog using GeoNetwork opensource and GeoServer

Jeroen Ticheler

Building: Cape Town International Convention Centre
Room: Addo Room (Room 1.40)
Date: 2008-09-29 08:30 AM – 12:00 PM
Last modified: 2008-08-27


The half day workshop will focus on the implementation of a catalog to serve and access geospatial data through the Web.
A local catalog will be installed and configured. Harvesting of spatial data resources from remote servers will be configured and geospatial web map services will be set up using the embedded GeoServer and will be configured for access through the catalog web interface.
Participants will use the catalog in different ways, including the web interface and OGC-CSW, OAI-MHP and GeoRSS protocols. The user will learn how to use the catalog to receive automatic updates when new resources of interest become available using news feeds in different client applications (news readers, Open Layers, Google Maps and Virtual Earth). The use of user feedback mechanisms including data rating and social bookmarking will be discussed.
Attention will be given to import and export functionality of the catalog that allow integration of the publishing process in existing workflows like desktop GIS or operational data processing servers.