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FOSS4G 2008 10,000 Pairs of Eyes, 10,000 Mappers: How a Stereo Imagery Web Service Changes Everything! Abstract
David William Skea
FOSS4G 2008 A case study of GIS analysis for the determination of service delivery Abstract
Andrew de Klerk
FOSS4G 2008 A comparison of data file and storage configurations for efficient temporal access of satellite image data Abstract
Asheer Kasar Bachoo, Frans van den Bergh, Albert Gazendam
hendrik jacobus du plessis
FOSS4G 2008 A data model for efficient address data representation - Lessons learnt from the Intiendo address matching tool Abstract
Abdullah Al Rahed, Serena Coetzee, Magnus Rademeyer
FOSS4G 2008 A deeper understanding of trade areas and target markets for growth and expansion opportunities Abstract
Geraldine Mitchley
FOSS4G 2008 A few mouse clicks away: Configuration of deegree WCS, WFS and WMS with OpenJUMP Abstract
Judit Mays, Jens Fitzke
FOSS4G 2008 A free GIS book Abstract
Victor Olaya
FOSS4G 2008 A free graphical modeling tool for geospatial analysis. Abstract
Victor Olaya
FOSS4G 2008 A geostatistical analysis of water losses in an urban utility using the R and Tinn-R open-source statistical computing environments Abstract
Frank Kizito, Gaddi Ngirane-Katashaya, Roger Thunvik
FOSS4G 2008 A new GRASS module for computing visibility on grids Abstract
Laura I Toma, William K Richard
FOSS4G 2008 A Practical Introduction to BirdEye: a GeoVisualization ToolKit Abstract
Jason Bellone
FOSS4G 2008 A review of Spatial Data Infrastructure implementation in Africa Abstract
Prestige Tatenda Makanga, Julian Smit
FOSS4G 2008 A spatial DBMS buyer's guide Abstract
Wilko Quak, Maarten Vermeij, Wim de Haas
FOSS4G 2008 A year of full-speed FOSS- winning the hearts, minds, and business case Abstract
Jo Cook, Gary Jones
FOSS4G 2008 About the ImageWiki Project Abstract
anselm m hook
FOSS4G 2008 An Estimation of the Forest Fire Disaster in Pelopennese, South Greece: The Potential of MODIS products and No-Fee Open Source GIS & RS Software Abstract
Nikos Alexandris
FOSS4G 2008 An Extensible, Interface-Based, Open Source GIS Paradigm: MapWindow 6.0 Developer Tools for the Microsoft Windows Platform Abstract
Harold Atkinson Dunsford
FOSS4G 2008 An Open Source model for the simulation of granular flows: First results with GRASS GIS and needs for further research Abstract
Martin Mergili, Katharina Schratz, Mechthild Thalhammer, Wolfgang Fellin, Alexander Ostermann
FOSS4G 2008 An Open Source model for the simulation of granular flows: First results with GRASS GIS and needs for further research Abstract
Martin Mergili, Katharina Schratz, Mechthild Thalhammer, Wolfgang Fellin, Alexander Ostermann
FOSS4G 2008 An open-source Integrated GIS Solution (IGS) for Syrian Municipal Administration Modernisation project Abstract
Fabio Colombo
FOSS4G 2008 Analysis of Temporal Remote Sensing Data with Opticks Abstract
Trevor R Clarke
FOSS4G 2008 Analyzing walkable communities, and publishing interactive results on the web Abstract
Josh Livni
FOSS4G 2008 Anisotropic cost surfaces for Grass Abstract
Juan Carlos Torres
FOSS4G 2008 Apache vs LightHttpd benchmark and optimization for serving huge tilesets Abstract
Guillaume SUEUR
FOSS4G 2008 Application of open source and proprietary software to optimise meadow bird management schemes in the Netherlands Abstract
Bas Vanmeulebrouk, Dick Melman, Onno Roosenschoon, Alex Schotman, Henk Meeuwsen, Michel Kiers
FOSS4G 2008 Application of Open Source OGC Sensor Web Implementations for Disaster Management and Environmental Monitoring Abstract
Simon Jirka, Christoph Stasch
FOSS4G 2008 Assessment of Location Sensitivity of Voronoi-based Sensor Deployment and Reconfiguration using GIS Abstract
Gareth Michael Nicholls, Derrick Kourie, Tinus Strauss
FOSS4G 2008 Assessment of Non-Point Source Pollution in Kuils-Eerste River Catchments using GIS Modelling Abstract
Abraham Thomas, Wisemen Chingombe, James Ayuk, Theo Scheepers
Stefan Constantinescu
FOSS4G 2008 BeeGis: digital field mapping that just works Abstract
Andrea Antonello, Mauro De Donatis, Silvia Franceschi
FOSS4G 2008 Beyond FOSS 3D GIS technologies: a chance for developing countries Abstract
José Luis Encarnação, Raffaele De Amicis, Giuseppe Conti, Joachim Rix
FOSS4G 2008 Bringing data and metadata closer together Abstract
Jeroen Ticheler
FOSS4G 2008 Building an application framework based on OpenLayers and ExtJS Abstract
Bart van den Eijnden, Thijs van Menen,
FOSS4G 2008 Building an Open Source Mobile GIS client Abstract
Steven M. Ottens
FOSS4G 2008 CAD-GIS Integration: Achieving Commercial Reality with Open Source Solutions Abstract
Crispin Hoult
FOSS4G 2008 Calculating NADCON grids using GeoTools Abstract
Jan Jezek
FOSS4G 2008 Can the South African address standard (SANS 1883) work for small local municipalities? Abstract
Serena Coetzee, Antony K Cooper
FOSS4G 2008 Caribbean PestWatch: An agricultural pest monitoring system for the Caribbean utilizing open source software Abstract
Stephen Crawford
FOSS4G 2008 Challenges and factors influencing the adoption rate of OSS in the SA government Abstract
Jabu Mtsweni, Elmarie Biermann
FOSS4G 2008 Challenges in GIS Education and Training (GIS use by municipal urban and regional planning) Abstract
Hester J.W Marais
FOSS4G 2008 Collaborative Mapmaking with GeoDjango Abstract
Josh Livni, Christopher Schmidt
FOSS4G 2008 Comparing the Performance of Open Source Web Map Servers Abstract
Justin Deoliveira, Andrea Aime
FOSS4G 2008 Configuration of deegree Web Services with an OpenJUMP based ConfigurationTool Abstract
Judit Mays, Jens Fitzke
FOSS4G 2008 Constellation --- An infrastructure for Geospatial Data Services for Scientific and Environmental Use Abstract
Vincent Heurteaux, Mickael Treguer
FOSS4G 2008 Coordinate Systems: PROJ.4, EPSG and OGC WKT Abstract
Frank Warmerdam
FOSS4G 2008 Corporative Applications built with TeCOM, a TerraLib Microsoft Visual component Abstract
Rui Mauricio Gregorio, Kelly Aparecida Barbosa Kinoshita, Wellington Carneiro, Hiltom Medeiros, Alessandra Siqueira, Ubirajara Freitas
FOSS4G 2008 Creating MapGuide Maps with Style Abstract
Robert Bray
Peter Reinecke
FOSS4G 2008 Dapple Global Data Explorer Abstract
Jacques Beaurain
FOSS4G 2008 Developing Open Source Tools for Regional Land Use Planning Abstract
Jeff Hamm
FOSS4G 2008 Developing The Historical Agro-Environment Browsing System Using FOSS4G Abstract
Nobusuke Iwasaki
FOSS4G 2008 Development and Implementation of an Open-Source Based Internet Accessible Water Quality Management System for Improving the Quality of Water Services in South Africa Abstract
Philip Faria de Souza, Allestair Wensley, Lev Manus, Eddie Delport, Grant S Mackintosh, Mzi H Ramba
FOSS4G 2008 Development of a malaria decision support system based on open source technologies Abstract
Natashia Morris, Sarel Coetzer
FOSS4G 2008 Development of an Agricultural Information Management System (AIMS) for the SADC region Abstract
Sjaak Dieleman
FOSS4G 2008 Development of Real-time Tracking and Log Management Prototype System using Free and Open Source Software Abstract
Daisuke Yoshida, Venkatesh Raghavan
FOSS4G 2008 Dracones: A Web-Mapping and Analysis Application for Public Health Surveillance Abstract
Christian Jauvin, David Buckeridge
FOSS4G 2008 Easing Transition to Open Source Geo-Spatial Data Manipulation in GML Abstract
Ismail Wadembere
FOSS4G 2008 Editing XML metadata files with the aid of an open-source editor MEE Abstract
Tomasz Kubik, Bartosz Kopanczyk
FOSS4G 2008 Efficient Constrained Delaunay Triangulation implementation in Java for spatial hydrology analysis Abstract
Thomas Leduc, Erwan Bocher, Fernando González Cortés
FOSS4G 2008 ESRI's Open Standards and IT Interoperability Abstract
Rudolf Otto de Munnik
FOSS4G 2008 Expanding the Role of Open Source GIS in Government Abstract
Blair Lewis Adams
FOSS4G 2008 Extending the functionality of QGIS with Python plugins Abstract
Marco Hugentobler, Horst Düster, Tim Sutton
FOSS4G 2008 Factors Leading to Success or Abandonment of Open Source Commons: An Empirical Analysis of Projects Abstract
Charles M. Schweik, Robert English, Sandra Haire
Juwairia Mahboob
FOSS4G 2008 FOSS Business Models in the Spatial Realm Abstract
Arnulf Benno Christl
FOSS4G 2008 FOSS4G certification issues in the development of a large telecommunication application Abstract
Jorge Gustavo Rocha
FOSS4G 2008 FOSS4G routing with pgRouting tools and OpenStreetMap road data Abstract
Claude Philipona, Daniel Kastl
FOSS4G 2008 FOSS: Franchise as Business Model for Developing Nations Abstract
Peter Stamm
FOSS4G 2008 Free GIS Software meets zoonotic diseases: From raw data to ecological indicators Abstract
Markus Neteler
FOSS4G 2008 From the Chart Table to the Browser: Deploying Historical Maps at Scale Abstract
Schuyler Erle
FOSS4G 2008 GDAL/OGR Project Status Report Abstract
Frank Warmerdam
FOSS4G 2008 GEM-PP: a GIS EMissions Pre-Processor to ingest European emission inventory (EMEP/CORINAIR) into photochemical transport models Abstract
Dario Conte, Gian Paolo Marra, Cristina Mangia, Umberto Rizza, Ilenia Schipa, Annalisa Tanzarella
FOSS4G 2008 Generating end-to-end web mapping applications with geGIS Abstract
Jan De Moerloose
FOSS4G 2008 GeoLiberum: A collaborative approach to capacity building, FOSS GIS implementation and deployment in municipal administration in developing countries. Abstract
Miguel Angel McCormick, Juan Jose Del Toro
FOSS4G 2008 GeoServer and the GeoWeb Abstract
Chris Holmes, Justin Deoliveira
FOSS4G 2008 GeoServer: Past, Present and Future Abstract
Justin Deoliveira, Andrea Aime
FOSS4G 2008 Getting Started with MapServer Abstract
Jeff McKenna, Pericles Nacionales, Tyler Mitchell
FOSS4G 2008 the Italian OSGeo Chapter Abstract
Paolo Cavallini
FOSS4G 2008 GIS based Infrastructure management and Planning System Abstract
Muhammad Azeem Sadiq, Muhammad Umar Khattak
FOSS4G 2008 GIS in the Geography Curriculum: Teacher Training Abstract
Elsworth McPherson, Mandy Carolissen, Deon Scheepers
FOSS4G 2008 GIS in the school curriculum - perceptions and challenges facing educators in the Western Cape, South Africa Abstract
Deon Scheepers, Mandy Carolissen
Bozon Nicolas, Bijan Mohammadi
FOSS4G 2008 Google Earth Powered by MapGuide Open Source Abstract
Robert Bray
FOSS4G 2008 GRASS Development with Eclipse/CDT Abstract
Peter Loewe
FOSS4G 2008 gvSIG Mobile: How to code for desktop and mobile GIS/SDI Abstract
Miguel Montesinos
FOSS4G 2008 gvSIG Status Report. Towards an open organization Abstract
Miguel Montesinos, Gabriel Carrión
FOSS4G 2008 Harvest Choice - An Open Source System to Deliver Agricultural Data Abstract
Jubal Harpster
FOSS4G 2008 How Open Source GIS and related tools can help in African project and projects can help to develop new tools: the case of Rwanda and the new GRASS-Epanet interface. Abstract
Marco Ciolli, Paolo Bertola, Maurizio Righetti, Chiara Sboarina, Clara Tattoni, Alfonso Vitti, Paolo Zatelli
FOSS4G 2008 Hydrological and Geomorphological Terrain Analysis with JGrass Abstract
Silvia Franceschi, Andrea Antonello
FOSS4G 2008 Implementation of Distributed Service Oriented Framework for 3D Visualization in Web-GIS Clients Abstract
Sarawut Ninsawat, Venkatesh Raghavan, Shinji Masumoto,
FOSS4G 2008 Implementation of the Elements of the Polish National Spatial Data Infrastructure Based on Open Source Software Abstract
Witold Paluszynski, Tomasz Kubik, Pawel Netzel
FOSS4G 2008 Implementing Web Services for NASA's Terrestrial Observation and Prediction System Abstract
Sam Hiatt
FOSS4G 2008 Improve metadata creation process using OpenSource Abstract
Francois Prunayre
FOSS4G 2008 Improving open source GIS-SDI integration: the web service publishing extension for gvSIG Abstract
Jose Vicente Higón, Salvador Bayarri
FOSS4G 2008 Information, a must for Development Abstract
Mark de Blois
FOSS4G 2008 Integrating Commercial and OpenSource software for an Environmental Health Information System for the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality Abstract
Martiens Pelser
FOSS4G 2008 Integrating FOSS web-GIS tools with Web2.0 capabilities to produce scalable city information toolkit, supporting participatory GIS Abstract
Nimalika Fernando, Sirimewan Widyasekara, Waruna Chathuranga de Silva, Indika Anuruddha Tantrigoda
FOSS4G 2008 Integrating GIS into FOSS Disaster Management System Abstract
David William Bitner, Fran Boon, Mifan Careem, Gavin Treadgold
FOSS4G 2008 Integration of access controlled OGC web services in identity federation systems based on 52?North Security Solutions and OpenSSO Abstract
Marko Reiprecht
FOSS4G 2008 Integration of geo-spatial web services using Adobe Flex Abstract
Bas Vanmeulebrouk, Marjolijn Kuyper
FOSS4G 2008 Integration of GRASS functionality in web based SDI service chains Abstract
Johannes Brauner, Bastian Schaeffer
FOSS4G 2008 Into the wild: Tapping the potential of FOSS GIS for Geoparks and Nature Interpretation Abstract
Peter Loewe
FOSS4G 2008 Introducing GIS into the South African Educational Market Abstract
Lizette Rust, Robyn Kindler
FOSS4G 2008 Introduction to ASPRS LAS data processing with libLAS Abstract
Mateusz Loskot
FOSS4G 2008 Introduction to Geoportal Management using Mapbender Abstract
Arnulf Benno Christl
FOSS4G 2008 Introduction to gvSIG/SEXTANTE as desktop GIS with advanced spatial analysis and SDI publishing tools Abstract
Salvador Bayarri, Victor Olaya, José Vicente Higón, Laura Díaz
FOSS4G 2008 Introduction to the 52North Web Processing Service Abstract
Bastian Schaeffer
FOSS4G 2008 Investigating the Validity of a Open Source 3-D GIS Urban Simulation Modelling Software (Sim City) in the Urban Planning Environment Abstract
Ashley William Gunter
FOSS4G 2008 J-Hydro, an implementation of the digital watershed concept Abstract
Silvia Franceschi, Riccardo Rigon, Andrea Antonello
FOSS4G 2008 JGrass: The Horton machine Abstract
Andrea Antonello, Riccardo Rigon, Silvia Franceschi
FOSS4G 2008 Knowledge Management and Humanitarian Response to Complex Humanitarian Emergencies Abstract
Paul Bartel
Marcelle Renee Hattingh, Ivan Tchoukanski
FOSS4G 2008 Location-based activity reporting of forest operations using components of open source GIS Abstract
Jari Vauhkonen, Timo Tokola
FOSS4G 2008 MapFaces : a Rich Client Mapping Framework build on top of JSF Abstract
Vincent Heurteaux
FOSS4G 2008 MapFish: a web-mapping development framework Abstract
Eric Lemoine
FOSS4G 2008 Mapping kit for Drupal Abstract
John Pulles
FOSS4G 2008 Mapping of Information, a must for Development Abstract
Mark de Blois
FOSS4G 2008 Mapping the Sanitary Sewers of a South African City - First Experiences with FOSS GIS Abstract
Craig Murray Leat, David Still
FOSS4G 2008 Mapserver OGC Web Services Workshop Abstract
Bart van den Eijnden, Assefa Yewondwossen, Jeff McKenna
FOSS4G 2008 MapWindow GIS Lab - Introduction to Custom GIS Application Development for Windows Abstract
Brian Marchionni, Ted Dunsford
FOSS4G 2008 MapWindow GIS Workshop - Introduction to Custom GIS Application Development for Windows Abstract
Brian Marchionni, Ted Dunsford
FOSS4G 2008 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) GeoWeb Expands Access to GIS data for the MIT Community through Open Source Tools Abstract
Lisa Sweeney
FOSS4G 2008 MDweb 2.0 : A Java/JEE Metadata Catalog Abstract
Jean-Christophe Desconnets, Vincent Heurteaux
FOSS4G 2008 Media Watch on Climate Change: Sustainability and the Geospatial Web ( Abstract
Arno Scharl
FOSS4G 2008 Migrating from a commercial internet map server to a Free and Open Source solution Abstract
Alexander Marthyn Borghuis
FOSS4G 2008 Mining Spatial Data from GPS traces for Automated Map Generation Abstract
Fernanda Lima, Michel Ferreira
FOSS4G 2008 Modus Operandi of a FOSS GIS project in India Abstract
Ravi Kumar Vundavalli, Sreenivas N Rao, Narendra S Prasad
FOSS4G 2008 MonetDB, a novel spatial DBMS Abstract
Maarten Vermeij, Wilko Quak, Martin Kersten, Niels Nes
FOSS4G 2008 Multi-environment general purpose applications built with Terralib Abstract
Frederico Augusto Bede, Rui Mauricio Gregório, Leone Masiero, Marcelo Metello, Eric Silva Abreu, Mario Rocco Petinati
FOSS4G 2008 Multipurpose metadata management in gvSIG Abstract
Laura Díaz, Michael Gould, Arturo Beltrán, Alejandro Llaves, Carlos Granell
FOSS4G 2008 NAMGIS - A Context-Aware Mobile Web GIS Abstract
Maria Antonia Brovelli, Diego Magni, Maurizio Brioschi, Massimo Legnani, Francesco Corcoglioniti
FOSS4G 2008 Natural Hazards and Risk Assessment: the FOSS4G capabilities Abstract
Massimiliano Cannata, Monia Elisa Molinari
FOSS4G 2008 OGC Compliant Solution for Online Digitisation Using Open Source Tools Abstract
Sajid Pareeth, Dietrich Schröder, Harini Nagendra
FOSS4G 2008 On-line Air Quality Monitoring and Warning Support System for Bucharest Urban Area Abstract
Vasile Craciunescu, Mihaela Caian, Cristian Flueraru, Argentina Nertan
FOSS4G 2008 Open Service Network for data processing Abstract
Laura Díaz, Carlos Granell, Michael Gould, Victor Olaya
FOSS4G 2008 Open source GIS for health data visualisation Abstract
Jan Jezek, Otakar Cerba, Otakar Cerba,
FOSS4G 2008 Open source GIS in Anthropology Abstract
claudia a engel
FOSS4G 2008 Open Source Software: Risk Management from an Intellectual Property Perspective Abstract
Kanav Hasija, Badri Narayan
FOSS4G 2008 Open source Web-GIS of the UN High Commissioner for the Refugees (UNHCR): a model for the UN Abstract
Luc St-Pierre, Edouard Legoupil, Claude Philipona
FOSS4G 2008 Open technologies at work for hydrological applications Abstract
Carlos Granell, Laura Díaz, Michael Gould
FOSS4G 2008 Open-source based market information systems - one option for Developing Nations Abstract
Till Adams
FOSS4G 2008 Open-source Versus Proprietary GIS on Landscape Metrics Calculation: A Case Study Abstract
Wen-Cheih Jeffrey Wang, Jia-Liang Yang, Ya-Yun Lin
FOSS4G 2008 - a free, participatory, community oriented worldwide geocoding service Abstract
Franz-Josef Behr, Astrit Rimayanti
FOSS4G 2008 OpenLayers - Building Web Mapping Applications with a Solid Foundation Abstract
Tim Schaub
FOSS4G 2008 OpenLayers Vector Style Abstract
Tim Schaub
FOSS4G 2008 OpenStreetMap in India, Free Data in the Developing World Abstract
Mikel Maron, Schuyler Erle
FOSS4G 2008 Opticks: Transitioning a Proprietary Remote Sensing Analysys Tool into Open Source Abstract
Trevor R Clarke
FOSS4G 2008 Optimal exploration target zones Abstract
Pravesh Debba, Emmanaul John M. Carranza, Alfred Stein, Freek D. van der Meer
FOSS4G 2008 PAL - Automated Placement of Labels Abstract
Olivier Ertz, Maxence Laurent, Daniel Rappo, Abson Sae-Tang, Eric Taillard
FOSS4G 2008 Participatory Free and Open Source GIS in the Web 2.0 - Exploring trends in GIS in times of Collaborative Creation. Abstract
Daniele M. Nascimento, Venkatesh Raghavan
FOSS4G 2008 Phoenix: A Web-Based Collaboration Tool Abstract
Denis Giroux
FOSS4G 2008 PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Geoserver & OpenLayers at Electricité De France Abstract
Laurent Pierre
FOSS4G 2008 POTIMART - an Open Source GIS platform for transportation Abstract
Claude Philipona
FOSS4G 2008 Practical Introduction into 52?North's Sensor Observation Service Abstract
Christoph Stasch
FOSS4G 2008 Practical Introduction to Fusion Abstract
Michael Robert Adair, Julian-Samuel Lacroix
FOSS4G 2008 Practical Introduction to GRASS and related software for beginners Abstract
Marco Ciolli, Paolo Zatelli, Clara Tattoni
FOSS4G 2008 Practical Introduction to MapGuide Open Source Abstract
Robert Bray
FOSS4G 2008 Practical Introduction to OrbisGIS Abstract
Erwan Bocher, Thomas Leduc, Fernando González Cortés
FOSS4G 2008 Practical introduction to Spatial Data Integrator powered by Talend Abstract
Francois Prunayre
FOSS4G 2008 Practical introduction to the MapFish web-mapping framework Abstract
Eric Lemoine
FOSS4G 2008 Proj4js - Coordinate System Transformations in the Browser Abstract
Michael Robert Adair
FOSS4G 2008 Promoting Open Access to Environmental Data using Open Source Software Abstract
Peter Mooney
FOSS4G 2008 Promotion of access to spatial information using web-based Open Source GIS to Cape Town communities living at informal settlement. Abstract
Jeofrey Jeff Ditsela
FOSS4G 2008 Promotion of access to spatial information using web-based Open Source GIS to Cape Town communities living at informal settlement. Abstract
Jeofrey Ditsela
FOSS4G 2008 Providing access to terabytes of Earth Observation data in an international organization - infrastructure and services Abstract
Paul Hasenohr, Armin Burger
FOSS4G 2008 Publishing Imagery using WMS - How do the Open Source Products Fare? Abstract
Bruce Tonkin
FOSS4G 2008 Publishing web maps with QGIS mapserver Abstract
Ionut Iosifescu-Enescu, Marco Hugentobler
FOSS4G 2008 Quality Management for 3D/4D Meteorologic Data with Paraview and GRASS GIS Abstract
Peter Loewe, Jens Klump
FOSS4G 2008 Raster Processing and Preparation with GDAL Abstract
Frank Warmerdam, Mateusz Loskot
FOSS4G 2008 Reaching a wider audience: Using free and open source software to deliver marine GIS, remote sensing & modelling resources to managers Abstract
Ian A Elliott, Peter J Mumby
FOSS4G 2008 Reasons for the non-use of FOSS GIS during the reconstruction and rehabilitation process after the tsunami 2004 in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, Indonesia OR call for a stronger lobby for FOSS GIS in developing countries Abstract
Torsten Drey, Mulkal Razali, Makmur Widodo
FOSS4G 2008 Rebuilding a City through Community Participation, Neogeography and GIS Abstract
Andrew Turner
FOSS4G 2008 Ride the lightning - Mapping lightnings with geotools and openlayers Abstract
Wouter Schaubroeck
FOSS4G 2008 Risk Model for OSS: Valuing hidden costs Abstract
Kanav Hasija, Badri Narayan
FOSS4G 2008 SahanaGIS: a Rapid Deployment GIS Framework for Disaster Management Humanitarian Relief Operations Abstract
David Bitner, Fran Boon, Mifan Careem, Gavin Treadgold
FOSS4G 2008 Semantically Enabled SOS with Topic Maps Abstract
Robert Barta, Thomas Bleier
FOSS4G 2008 Senegalese land register modernization through OpenSource softwares. Abstract
Gerald FENOY
FOSS4G 2008 Sensor Observation Service from UMN MapServer meets OpenLayer Abstract
Till Adams, Dominik Helle
FOSS4G 2008 Setting up a geospatial catalog using GeoNetwork opensource and GeoServer Abstract
Jeroen Ticheler
FOSS4G 2008 Shortest path search for real road networks and dynamic costs with pgRouting Abstract
Anton Patrushev
FOSS4G 2008 slaxGIS: a GIS-oriented live USB Linux system Abstract
Marco Negretti, Eugenio Realini
FOSS4G 2008 SNIT-Chile, experience and innovation for the Society of Knowledge. Good Government, Interoperability and Social Web: a methodology in process. Abstract
Rainer Hauser, Cristian Aqueveque
FOSS4G 2008 Spatial Analysis and Visualization of Genetic Biodiversity Abstract
Robert G Beiko, Jacqueline Whalley, Suwen Wang, Harman Clair, Greg Smolyn, Sylvia Churcher, Mike Porter, Christian Blouin, Stephen Brooks
FOSS4G 2008 SpatiaLite; an extesion enabling Spatial processing on SQLite Abstract
Alessandro Furieri
FOSS4G 2008 Standardized Geoprocessing with 52?North Open Source Software Abstract
Bastian Schaeffer
FOSS4G 2008 Student recruitment for transformation at the University of Cape Town: a spatial analysis of the Alternative Admissions Research Project, 2000 - 2005 Abstract
Takadzani Edzani Rambuda, Shirley Butcher, Alan Cliff
FOSS4G 2008 Students in action : Broetlikrones project. Abstract
Olivier ERTZ
FOSS4G 2008 SUAS MapServer - an Open Source Framework for extended Web Map Services Abstract
Franz-Josef Behr, Hui Li
FOSS4G 2008 Supporting sustainable development: the GRASS opportunity. Abstract
Massimiliano Cannata, Maria Antonia Brovelli
FOSS4G 2008 Tapping into OpenSource Abstract
Laurette Eileen Coetzee
FOSS4G 2008 TerraLib as an Open Source Plataform for Public Health Applications Abstract
Karine Reis Ferreira, Lúbia Vinhas, Antônio Miguel Vieira Monteiro, Gilberto Ribeiro Queiroz, Emiliano Ferreira Castejon, Juan Carlos Pinto de Garrido, Lauro Tsutomu Hara, Pedro Ribeiro de Andrade Neto, Paulo Justiniano Ribeiro Junior, Renato Martins Assunção
FOSS4G 2008 The Andean Information System for Disaster Prevention and Relief: a case study of multi-national open-source SDI Abstract
Martín Molina, Salvador Bayarri
FOSS4G 2008 The application of GIS in selecting landfill sites: A case made with the City of Cape Town, South Africa Abstract
Justin Gichobi
FOSS4G 2008 The definition of Open in OGC, OSGeo and OSM Abstract
Arnulf Benno Christl
FOSS4G 2008 The identification of potential areas for mineral development using multi-criteria suitability analysis and ArcSDM free Spatial Data Modeller and Fuzzy Logic Abstract
Amanda Vickers
FOSS4G 2008 The Importance of Open Source Geospatial Software Developments for GIScience & Technology Advance in the Dominican Republic Abstract
Ramon Anibal Peguero
FOSS4G 2008 The Open-Geo Stack: OpenLayers, GeoServer, PostGIS Abstract
Justin Deoliveira, Tim Schaub, Chris Holmes
FOSS4G 2008 The South African address standard and initiatives towards an international address standard Abstract
Antony Cooper, Serena Coetzee
FOSS4G 2008 The use of FOSS GIS in Integrated Geographical Systems in Local Government in South Africa Abstract
Nico Elema
FOSS4G 2008 The use of FOSS in urban modelling and simulation Abstract
Alize Botha, Dr. Louis Waldeck
FOSS4G 2008 The use of Open Source (an option for developing) technology in determining the beginning of the defined watercourse for determining floodlines in the Apies River Basin Abstract
Dingaan July Mahlangu
FOSS4G 2008 The use of open source GI software in teachings Abstract
Martin Dresen, Elisabeth Dresen
FOSS4G 2008 The use of OpenLayers for the demonstration and visualisation of environmental research applications Abstract
Divyang M. Trivedi, Martin Dresen
FOSS4G 2008 There and back again. Using uDig to perform real-world tasks. Abstract
Jesse Eichar
FOSS4G 2008 Transitioning to FOSS4G at North West Geomatics Abstract
Robert Uebbing
FOSS4G 2008 Urban Spatial Growth and Land Use Change in Riyadh: Comparing Spectral Angle Mapping and Band Ratioing Techniques Abstract
Yusuf Adedoyin Aina, Johannes H. Van der Merwe, Habib M. Alshuwaikhat
FOSS4G 2008 urbSAT: from spatial SQL to urban indicator definition and production Abstract
Erwan Bocher, Thomas Leduc, Fernando González Cortés, Guillaume Moreau
FOSS4G 2008 Use of Open Sources GIS tools to build the RISKMED early warning system web portal for severe weather events Abstract
Gian Paolo Marra, Dario Conte, Mario Marcello Miglietta, Agata Moscatello
FOSS4G 2008 Using airborne laser scanner data and Open Source Software for a glacier inventory Abstract
Christoph Claus Knoll, Hanns Kerschner
FOSS4G 2008 Using and extending ILWIS open source GIS software together with GEONETCast services for web-based satellite image analysis Abstract
Rob Lemmens, Martin Lucien Schouwenburg
FOSS4G 2008 Using FOSS and Proprietory GIS in Assessing Water Use by Alien Vegetation Abstract
Brendon Woff-Piggott, Stephen Mallory, Stephen Hardy, Niel van Wyk
FOSS4G 2008 Using Keyhole Markup Language to create a spatial interface to South African water resource data through Google Earth Abstract
Michael John Silberbauer, Willie Geldenhuys
FOSS4G 2008 Using MapServer to Deliver Geospatial Data to Various Business Lines in the Portland District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Abstract
Gregg Bertrand
FOSS4G 2008 Using Open Standards to build broad public geoscience exhibits; The GSC-Québec Seismic display experience. Abstract
H?ryk Julien
FOSS4G 2008 Using PostGIS, Geoserver and Google Earth to visualise sensor measurements Abstract
Jan Jezek
FOSS4G 2008 Using SLD definitions to display charts in a deegree WMS Abstract
Judit Mays
FOSS4G 2008 Using supply chain management to enable GIS units to improve their response to their customers' needs. Abstract
Peter Schmitz
FOSS4G 2008 Web 2.0 brings GIS to the World Wide Web Abstract
Dirk Frigne
FOSS4G 2008 Web based GIS and domain model integration Abstract
Pieter De Graef
FOSS4G 2008 Web Enabled Inter-operable Spatial Data System for Water Resources Applications in India using Open Source Geoserver Abstract
Vinod M Bothale
FOSS4G 2008 Web processing and spatial analysis with the ILWIS open source GIS software and GEOSS data Abstract
Rob Lemmens
FOSS4G 2008 Web Processing Services in the context of the 52?North Geoprocessing community Abstract
Bastian Schaeffer, Theodor Foerster
FOSS4G 2008 WebGIS in times of the web at version 2.0 or: Buzzwords, anyone? Abstract
Till Adams, Marc Jansen
FOSS4G 2008 WebGIS Platform - a commercial succesful OpenSource-based concept in Scandinavia Abstract
Andreas Oxenstierna, Björn Harrtell, Leif Uller
FOSS4G 2008 WebServices application with Django and OpenLayers Abstract
Guillaume SUEUR
FOSS4G 2008 Welcome to OSGeo - Your FOSS Community Abstract
Tyler Mitchell
FOSS4G 2008 WFS Simple: the welterweight data access standard Abstract
Raj Singh
FOSS4G 2008 Working with GeoServer Abstract
Justin Deoliveira, Chris Holmes
FOSS4G 2008 World Wide Access to Amazon Forest Inventories Abstract
Felipe dos Santos Costa, Sylvain J. M. Desmoulière, Oscar L. M. Farias
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